How to Create Facebook Messenger Lead Generation Ads

This video is the practical demonstration of “How to Create Facebook Messenger Lead Generation Ads in Malayalam”. Facebook Messenger Ads are the part of digital marketing, in which we can generate leads and start conversation with a prospect through messenger ads. Facebook has made it easy to implement but little tricky to understand. This video has some other parts which is also essential watch to understand the Facebook Messenger Marketing with organic and paid advertisement.

here is the full video course

Messenger marketing is became one of the top method to retain customers and nurture leads. Since 2015 Facebook allowed to implement chatbots in Messenger to create automated response and convert the followers to subscribers. But, most of entrepreneurs not much aware on the importance of chatbot and its functions favours to grow in business. Messenger marketing still away from many digital marketers, it’s seems a big loss in their strategy.


When you plan a sales funnel system to implement lead generation, we can sort out the prospects according to their interest and the opt-in methods. For example, if some0one opted in through Facebook lead generation form we can send that leads to “facebook opt-in” tag or if someone came from website contact from we can list them into “website opt-in”. These lists can be helpful to send contents or lead magnets as per the interest of leads. We don’t want to miss any of leads even if they don’t convert on first chance. We can nurture them into customers with proper treatment of valuable contents in their messenger inbox.


The other side of Messenger Ads are quick response. According to Facebook the open rate of messages are 89% and the reading rate around 56% which is much more better than an email campaign. And peoples are ready to mingle with chatbots than human or customers feel comfort if they get replied shortly. So, the chatbots are playing little more than we think in this sales funnel to retain or attract customers. You can attract prospects through organic and paid methods of Facebook.In this part of video, paid method is explained.


From Ads manager we can find the objective “Messages” and then select “Click to Messenger” option. From there this ads will be as normal settings. On last part of the Ad, we have to pick whether “Conversation” or “Lead Generation” to be used. Still, Messenger marketing has lots of aspects to play vital role in finding right customers with respect to other methods of lead generation. You can send regular messages as well promotional content randomly.

You can learn bunch of new things to implement with Facebook Messenger

  • Introduction to Facebook Messenger Marketing
  • What is chatbot in Messenger
  • How to create a chatbot, Installation
  • Setting up business chatbot to assist your customers
  • Messenger Ads
  • How to collect less with messenger
  • Automate response to leads
  • Retain customers with engagement
  • What is subscribers in messenger
  • How to convert followers to subscribers
  • Create sales funnel for messenger marketing
  • Chatbot integration with website


here is the full video course

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