What is Task19!

We are a band of zealous  tech enthusiasts bound to serve our clients in the best possible manner. We’ve been working as digital marketers and developers for the past 10 years and until recently we’ve decided to start an enterprise on our own.We strive to provide products and services that are custom built for every customer at a price that is assured to be the least in the class.We offer you the best in class services at a fraction of cost quoted by the competition.

With our extensive experience in the field we’ve found that services can be offered at a price tag much lower than the existing prices thus we decided to start our own firm so that we can give our clients qualified products and services without hurting the budget.We are primarily digital marketers ,Web and software developers  focusing on Enterprise Resource Planners ( ERPs), Educational software’s,Android and iOs applications etc.We also spend our share of profit for helping the needy thereby trying our best to be  socially responsible .We’ve developed many software’s in house and we are making them available to the public free of cost so that they can experience the software without paying the premium.

We also offer business solutions for existing as well as new businesses.We’ve comprehensive marketing strategies for elevating the growth of an enterprise.There are a mutltitude of packages on offer for you to choose from.The packages are assured to meet your requirements and budget constraints.We provide you marketing advices and business planning for boosting your business.We aim at establishing a prudent and long lasting relationship with our customers.

Our flagship product Eminence is a management software for educational institutions and  we are making it available free cost for eligible educational institutions.We are doing our part to make the world around us better.Get in touch with us to know more about eminence and other services.

Our core values

Privacy and Safety
Quality Services
Challenging Staff
Innovation Solutions

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